Who We Are



At Seek Red, we believe in Quality and Excellence. Our aim is to build long lasting relationships with our clients. For this we believe in being:

- Practical

- Prompt

- Ethical, and

- Enjoyable.


Our approach towards any project is simple and transparent.


#1 - We meet you to understand your requirement.


#2 - Basis your requirement, we define Scope of Work and its corresponding Deliverables, Milestone, Timeline & Commercials.


#3 - On approval of #2 from you, we prepare a detailed proposal outlining the Scope, Deliverables, Milestones, Timeline and Payment Terms for the project before the commencement of your project.


#4 - On receiving advance for the project, we commence delivery of project.


#5 - Every client project is headed by a Project Manager who will be your single point of contact from Seek Red and who will provide you regular updates. Your Project Manager co-ordinates all deliverables from Seek Red and keeps you posted on development of the project for your feedback through various stages of project.


#6 - Through the various Stages of Delivery till the end, the client can review and provide feedback. Depending on nature of project and your convenience, we choose the mode of communication - email, chat, conference, or direct meeting.


#7 - On final approval from you, we deploy the end solution and make the defined delivery post settlement of pending dues.


#8 - Post delivery of your project, we provide support for all our projects if so required by you.


Throughout the process we Innovate, Improvize and Seek More. We Seek Red.


Here is a visual reprentation of our approach in a flowchart.


Rework (RW) arises if there is additional requirement or when there is a substantial change in Scope of Work from what was decided initially.