2011  | APCA News & Entertainment & IMAGIK Media
Director: Prawaal Raman
Cast: Imaad Shah | Nishikant Kamath | Rajvvir Aroraa | Satish Kaushik | Tisca Chopra | Baby Sarah | Prabhat Raghunandan | Meenakshi Thapar
Imdb Link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1883121
Publicity Design: Seek Red


Professor Anirudh (Nishikant Kamath) strongly believes in science and for him things which don’t have scientific explanation do not exist. A room in his Medical Institution (the room with number 404) is rumoured to be haunted by the ghost of a student who previously stayed in that room and had committed suicide there, which he surely doesn’t believe. A rational student Abhimanyu (Rajvvir Aroraa) occupies that room and the real story starts. Abhimanyu experiences the unusual and now has to choose between what to believe and what not. Despite evidence suggesting a rational explanation to the physical events following up to the climax, the movie closes open-endedly, leaving a supernatural explanation equally likely.

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