15 reasons why we are starting a #blog at #SeekRed?

We always wanted to start a blog at our studio and we tried several times but got confused wondering what would we write about. Good content was a challenge which kept us buried under the avalanche of indecision.  Should we go high on Design? Or on Digital stuff? Or do we talk about Illustration and Typography? How about Photography? Some of these or all of these? Ah… it was so much better being buried under the avalanche, hidden from the world… where we made coffee in our free time and talked “Blah-Blah” non-stop. We hope at least some of you will relate to what we did under the avalanche :).

Then it happened! That sunny day the bright sun melted the snow and exposed us naked with our blogging ambition. We reached a point where there was no escaping the light… So here we are with our first post appropriately tagged “Blah-Blah”. We hope to continue posting on various topics relating to Design, Digital, Technology, Our Experiences with what we do, etc.

Here are 15 reasons why we are starting a #blog at #SeekRed and why you should also start one.

1. Sharing is caring

Much of our learning has happened by reading, observation and inspiration from work and experiences of others. Now we believe we can share some of our learnings through the projects we have been fortunate to be part of and provide an insight to what goes behind the delivery of final product.

2. Tell our stories

Blogging will be our medium through which we can tell stories about our company, our projects, our philosophy, the people we associate with, and many things such. Somewhere in our stories you may find an association that will bring you closer to us.

3. Meet new people

We believe that the more we meet new people the more we learn. Through our blog we hope to reach out to new set of people who we can associate with and from whose advice & opinion we can grow in our lives.

4. Stand out

As a creative studio, we believe that we – the creative clan – need to talk about what we do and how we do what we do. We wish to stand out by sharing our knowledge and experiences regularly with an audience to gain their trust and  confidence and to be with them in their journeys too.

5. Validate our work

Blogging helps us get fresh views on our work. A fresh perspective, a critical feedback, a pat on the back and/or a wise counsel is what we believe to go a long way when we reach out to more like-minded people.

6. Organize our Thoughts and Learn

Because the process of blogging includes recording thoughts on paper, it encourages us to stop and think deeper. Through our blog we wish to delve deeper into the matters of our work life and the world view that shapes them.

7. Create Opportunities with like-minded people

We believe that when we share our own views with like-minded people, we create new opportunities for mutual exploration. Through our blog, we intend to reach out to other creative people and companies with whom we can collaborate on new opportunities.

8. Engage and build Rapport

Blogging will also help us engage with a wider set of people and build a rapport to influence decision making and creativity at various levels. By engagement via this blog we hope to establish rapport with our customers, followers, subscribers and with the industry by and large.

9. Help promote good cause(s)

If not us then who? If not now then when? There is more to life than our work. We are humbled constantly by the multitude of good causes being initiated by awesome people around us. We want to promote these causes and the people behind the causes through our blog. A good cause needs wings. This blog is one feather in that wing.

10. We love new challenges

Yes, blogging is not going to be easy as we have to delve deeper into our own thought process and manage our time to put our posts regularly. This might be challenging given our schedules between work and personal lives… but then we love new challenges and especially the one which prompts us to get better than what we already are!

11. Promote creativity beyond what we do at #SeekRed

This is a company website where we have listed some of our work for films, branding, print design, website and software solutions. But there is more stuff that we do. We pursue our creative passions beyond our work lives. Through our blog we wish to share the non-work aspects of our lives and creativity.

12. Promote work and people who inspire us

We are inspired by people who do awesome work . Many people are doing phenomenal work which impacts many lives in ways that is beyond our expertise and intelligence. We love such people for inspiring us and we are going to blog about these inspiring people, organizations and their philosophies.

13. Voice our opinion

More often than not, a good opinion gets squashed because it was never voiced. Whether our opinion is accepted or rejected, this blog is our medium to voice our opinion freely.

14. Good for website visibility

We hope to generate relevant visibility for us for people who have been looking for our services. We wish to reach out to people who need our services and like our life philosophy.

15. Blogging makes us Happy 🙂

Do we say more :).